Environmental Statement

Minimising our business impact on the environment is an important part of our ethos. It is a journey that may take some time, but we have made a start in key areas and we continue to look for ways to improve

Waste and Recycling:

Waste oil, antifreeze, oil filters, brake fluid and contaminated rags are all sent off to a specialist recycling centre in Honiton, where they are turned into alternative products and/or disposed of in accordance with government legislation

Scrap metal and old car parts are sent off to a local recycling centre who specialise in recovery of metals and other materials that can then be turned into alternative products

Cardboard and paper is sent off for recycling locally

General waste is sorted to remove as much potential landfill as possible before being sent off to a local processing centre

Blasting media – we use recycled crushed glass to do our larger blasting jobs


The majority of our energy use is electricity and we buy our electricity from 100% renewable sources such as wind and solar