Opel Rekord D Coupe 1972 restoration

Opel Rekord D Coupe 1972 Restoration

Welcome to our long term project – a full restoration of an Opel Rekord D coupe from 1972, which we are doing for a local customer.  This is a very rare car anywhere, but even rarer in RHD in the UK – possibly the only one left.  It’s not for the faint-hearted, as the lower part of the car has more corrosion and holes than it has solid metal, but we like a challenge!  After stripping the car, we’ve blasted most of it to enable us to see what we are dealing with and then put some rust-preventative treatment on the solid bits, so that they don’t get worse.  We’ve also welded in bracing across the interior to keep the shell from flexing during work and to try to retain the structural integrity – this is especially important as the chassis rails at the front are completely rotten.  As you can see, we’re having to do the car piece by piece, section by section and we are having to fabricate a lot of the structural elements and those areas where repair panels are not available.  At least we can get sills, front wings and some of the rear panels!  There’s enough here to keep us going for some time, so please check out our Facebook page for regular updates or check back here for more photos.