Mercedes-Benz R107 280 SL 1985 Restoration

Registration: B591 GEG (1985)
Mileage: 34,000
Engine: 2.8 litre petrol
Power: 182 bhp
Transmission: Automatic
Drive: Rear wheel drive
Seats: 2
Other: Soft and hard top fitted
MOT: New MOT August 2020

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This Mercedes-Benz R107 280 SL 1985 restoration has been carried out to customer specifications that included a complete strip down and rebuild of all running gear and associated mechanical components (excluding engine and gearbox – these were removed for access). The underside and engine bay were stripped back to bare metal, rust treatment and welding carried out where required, rust-preventative paint and primer to underside and engine bay and jacking points/sills, full coat of stone-chip protection to underside and wheel arches, full rebuild of all running gear (bushes, bearing, brakes, drive shafts etc) and a custom stainless exhaust system. On the exterior, we removed a dent to the right rear wheel arch, sorted out some rust on the lower wings/arches, replaced the rear valance and did a high quality respray of the back end and engine bay to match the existing colour. The usual problem rust area of the heater blower/bulkhead was fully stripped and treated and repaired to prevent further water ingress and corrosion. The engine was running rough when the car arrived, so we flushed the fuel tank, changed the fuel pump, accumulator, pipes, hoses and filter, changed the spark plugs, adjusted the mix and replaced a couple of perished vacuum hoses and she now runs like a dream. Two relays were replaced to get the electric windows working again. The important bits have all been done properly and the result is stunning and she is incredible to drive and will keep up with modern traffic no problem, with the automatic gear change working smoothly. A photographic record has been kept and there is a photobook to accompany the car, which shows the original condition and the strip down and rebuild. This must be one of the finest Mercedes-Benz R107 280 SLs in the UK.

More details on the rebuild:

Running Gear:
All major suspension and running gear parts stripped to bare metal and reconditioned/repainted or replaced
New rear shock absorbers and coil springs
New front shock absorbers and coil springs
New suspension bushes and subframe mountings all round
New upper and lower front wishbones
Reconditioned front and rear torsion bars, new mounting rubbers
New track rods, steering damper and linkages
New wheel bearings
New brake callipers and pads
New handbrake cables
New drive shafts and differential seals
New brake flexi hoses all round
New brake lines
New brake master cylinder
New brake disc back plates
New propshaft mount and bearing
New gearbox mount
New differential mount

Engine & Gearbox:
New spark plugs
New fuel pump
New fuel accumulator
New oil filter
New air filter
New fuel filters
New fuel lines and hoses
New fuel sender unit
New belts
New water pump
Reconditioned radiator
New oils/fluids
New vacuum hoses
New lower coolant hose
New custom stainless steel exhaust system
New exhaust manifold and studs
Compression checked and correct

Body Work:
Strip down to bare metal underneath
Welding/repairs to small areas underneath and on jacking points, lower arches
POR15 rust treatment to all key areas, including engine bay, followed by epoxy primer
Respray to engine bay in original colour
Kent Pro-seal 404 stonechip to underside and wheel arches
Dent removal to rear offside panel above wheel arch
Full respray of back end/bootlid area to match existing paint
Rebuilt heater blower/bulkhead area
New rear valance centre and side panels (sprayed to match)
New wheel bolts
New mudflaps
New horns
New rear bumper rubber
New soundproofing to underbonnet
New electric window relays