Mercedes-Benz W115 220D Pick-up 1972 Restoration

Registration: BNZ 220 (1972)
Mileage: tbc
Engine: 2.2 litre diesel
Power: 59 bhp
Transmission: Manual
Drive: Rear wheel drive
Seats: Front bench
Other: Built in Argentina only, imported to UK by owner
MOT: Not required as over 40 years old

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A very unusual vehicle – these Mercedes-Benz W115 Pick-ups were only made in Argentina during the early ’70s, so we were very happy that the customer brought this in for part-restoration.  Preparation required stripping all the mechanical parts off the underside of the car, removal of engine and gearbox, strip down of underside of body and lower panel/chassis areas where rust had taken hold, back to sound metal to allow the work to begin.
We then fully rebuilt all the running gear, using mostly new parts including shock absorbers, braking system, bushes and bearings etc plus the engine ancillaries like starter motor, water pump, radiator, exhaust etc.  We fabricated and welded new sections in to the sills, floor pan, chassis rails and rear corner to eradicate all the rusty sections and then finished with high quality underseal and final paint colour.  The finished car retains a great patina as the bulk of the visible body work was left untouched, whilst the mechanicals are largely new; so this truck can be put to work and enjoyed as was originally intended for many years to come.  Probably the only working example in Europe !

More details of the rebuild:

Running Gear:
All parts stripped and reconditioned
New rear shock absorbers
New front shock absorbers
New bushes all round
New steering linkages
New track rods/bearings/bushes
New front brake discs, callipers and pads
New front brake discs, callipers, pads and parking brake shoes
New rear wheel/axle bearings
New front wheel bearings
New ball joints
New brake flexi hoses all round
New copper brake pipes all round
New parking brake cables
New brake master cylinder and booster
New drive shafts and seals
New prop shaft bearings and doughnuts
Rebuilt gearchange linkage
New fuel sender unit
Fuel tank restored inside and out

Engine & Gearbox:
New glow plugs
New injectors
New engine mounts
New vacuum pump diaphragm
New oil filters
New air filter
New fuel filters
New fuel hoses
New vacuum hoses
New heater hoses
New radiator hoses
New belts
New water pump
New thermostat
Reconditioned radiator
New oil cooler
New battery
New rocker cover gasket
New oils/fluids
Reconditioned exhaust manifold
New exhaust and hangers/bump stops
New gaskets
Valve clearance adjusted
Compression checked and correct
Oil pressure checked and correct
New clutch plate
New clutch release bearing
New clutch master and slave cylinders
New speedo cable
New (used) temperature sensor/gauge

Body Work/Interior:
Underside stripped down to bare metal in rust areas
New sills both sides
Rebuilt wheel arches at sill ends
New metal let in to replace rusted sections around off side rear quarter panel
New metal fabricated and let in at chassis rust areas
New windscreen seal
New floorpans in footwells fabricated and welded in to match originals
New sound deadening in footwells
Lights and lenses/reflectors reconditioned/replaced
Full respray of underside in high quality primer and then protective underseal
Full respray to repaired body/chassis sections using correct primers and final coats