Mercedes R107 280 SL part restoration

Mercedes-Benz R107 280 SL Restoration

This Mercedes-Benz 280 SL came in to us after a period of several years standing outside and had suffered from rust on the underside, particularly to the running gear/suspension and engine bay. It also needed some repair work to get the engine running smoothly, mostly to the fuel system, but also to the vacuum hoses and various other bits and pieces. We stripped all the running gear, suspension, engine and transmission from the car, then went back to bare metal on the underside, engine bay and all the parts.

We replaced those parts that were beyond repair and put new brakes, brake lines, fuel lines, fuel hoses, fuel pump/accumulator/filter/tank strainer/sender unit, drive shafts, wishbones, changed all the bearings and bushes etc to get everything back to ‘as new’ underneath. The underbody got rust prevention paint treatment followed by high quality underseal to keep the weather out for years to come.

The engine bay and bulkhead got similar treatment, finished in the matching blue paint. For more details and photos click here